About Dubai

About Dubai

Dubai offers a wide range of opportunities, including jobs, business establishment, profitable export and import markets, diverse investment prospects, top-notch infrastructure, surprising events, fun-filled activities, thrilling experiences, and breathtaking places. It’s an ideal destination for investment, business, work, vacations, and living, making it highly favorable for everyone.

Location and Geography

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, constituting only 5% of the total landmass, yet it wields significant national and international influence, ranking as the second-largest emirate in the UAE.

The Creek divides Bur Dubai in the southwest, the city’s traditional heart experiencing a real estate boom, from Deira in the northeast, a commercial hub boasting hotels, golf courses, shopping malls, activity parks, and Dubai International Airport.

Fame and Fortune

Dubai is renowned for international sports events, world-class shopping centers, hotels, delicious cuisine, pristine beaches, and captivating cultural and historical sites. It’s a blend of contemporary and traditional architecture, serving as the Middle East’s tourism and commerce hub, bustling day and night.

Culture and History

Dubai is rich in history and culture. The Dubai Museum, housed in Al-Fahidi fort in Bur Dubai, showcases weapons, traditional costumes, musical instruments, Egyptian Arish huts, wooden boats, and more.

The Bastakiya District, once a trading hub, now features old houses with wind towers converted into art galleries.

The Heritage and Diving Village, near Sheikh Al-Maktoum’s House in Al-Shingadha, presents Dubai’s maritime history and hosts folk dance and music performances. Jumeirah Archaeological site, south of Dubai City, offers insight into the early Islamic period.


While Arabic is the official language of the UAE, English is commonly used in Dubai, with other languages spoken due to the diverse expatriate population.


Islam is the official religion, but Dubai also accommodates other practiced religions.


Dubai’s government plays a crucial role in ensuring free access to information, law enforcement, and protection. Various departments, such as tax, tourism, education, health, media, entertainment, employment, transportation, and housing, operate under its supervision.


Dubai boasts an advanced infrastructure, including developed roads, bridges, free zones, shopping centers, telecommunications, transportation, utilities, and urban development.


Dubai’s rapidly growing economy offers endless business opportunities. The currency is the Dirham, easily convertible with no profit transfer restrictions. Import duty is low and Dubai is a tax-free haven for professionals and expatriate workers.


Dubai is an ideal year-round tourism destination, offering sun, sand, sea, sports, shopping, hotels, traditional culture, and a safe environment.

The best time to visit Dubai is between November and April when the weather is cool. There are many beaches where you can spend the day on the sand and swim in the crystal-clear water. Apart from this, you can also enjoy activities such as skating, boating, riding, extreme sports, golf, tennis, racquet games, and more.

Moreover, the shopping centers and malls offer a wide variety of options. You can find designer wear, brand outlets, and a variety of ethnic shops from many regional countries, among others. Dubai’s shopping opportunities can be irresistible for shopaholics.

In short, you can find unlimited entertainment options in Dubai. You can also listen to the Oud or Moroccan music, dance, and enjoy traditional shisha in a café. You can experience the rich cultural mix of Dubai at various restaurants and coffee shops present on every street.

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