Communication In Dubai: A Guide To Services (2023)

Communication Services

Ostentation, luxury, modernity, and extravagance characterize Dubai. It thrives as a global hub, attracting visitors from around the world for various purposes. As the second-largest of the seven emirates, it holds the position of the country’s premier commercial center.

Dubai is a destination designed to cater to everyone, offering essential comforts and conveniences. Communication plays an integral role in city life interaction in Dubai. Here is an overview of the communication services available in Dubai.

Mobile Phones And Internet in Dubai

Dubai has gained significant global exposure, thanks in large part to its internet access.  Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) is responsible for the management of every aspect of the telecommunications and information technologies in the UAE,

In the UAE, two major telecom companies, Etisalat and du, offer mobile phone and internet services. The coverage for mobile phone reception and internet speed is consistently excellent across the UAE.

Etisalat offers a Visitor Line plan, while du provides the Visitor Mobile Line and Tourist Plan specifically designed for visitors. These plans come with a range of options for making local and international calls, sending text messages, and accessing the internet.

Travelers arriving in the UAE can conveniently purchase these plans at Etisalat or du stores situated at various airports throughout the country.

Dubai Postal Service

Emirates Post is a dynamic postal organization that provides high-quality services to residents, the corporate sector, and visitors alike. Dubai’s postal services operate around the clock, making postal communication the most convenient way to reach individuals or companies.

Emirates Post extends its postal and courier services to connect with 192 countries worldwide.

The city does not employ a specific house address-based mailing system, so all received mail is directed to the post boxes in post offices. To request a P.O. box, you should visit your nearest post office, bringing along your Emirates ID, passport copy, and the required fees. Alternatively, you can rent a box online by logging into the Emirates Post website.

In addition to its postal services, Emirates Post provides non-postal offerings such as utility bill payments and marketing solutions.

Courier Services

Dubai’s mail services include courier options such as TNT, DHL, and others. These professionally organized courier services understand and manage customer requirements efficiently.

The UAE hosts all major courier and express service providers, including Aramex, United Parcel Services, DHL, FedEx, and the government-owned Emirates Post.

Newspapers in Dubai

Dubai’s newspapers serve as valuable sources of information on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people, and business.

For those seeking accommodation, shopping, bargains, and weather updates, these newspapers, particularly Khaleej Times and Gulf News, are renowned worldwide.

There are also other English newspapers such as 7days, Gulf Today, The National and Arabic newspapers like Al Khaleej, Al Bayan, and Emarat Al Youm.


Numerous satellite channels are available, broadcasting national and international events and programs from other countries. MBC channels enjoy the highest viewership, especially among expat Arabs.

On the other hand, Zee TV maintains its top position among other expats, primarily because of the significant number of South Asians in this demographic. Abu Dhabi TV is also a widely favored option.

In our fast-paced world with tight deadlines, efficient communication services are crucial for a country’s growth and development.

Communication in Dubai is not only efficient but also modern and convenient. Dubai’s unique geographical location, excellent communication services, and substantial economic growth have made it an ideal regional base serving people from all corners of the world.

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